User account and the loyalty card

Advantages of having a user account

There is a 10% discount on all products (excluding litters) if you log in using your user account.

You get an overview of the orders you have previously made and if you regularly order the same product (e.g. food for your pet), you only have to click ‘Reorder’ in the Order History.

We send personalised special offers to our registered customers.

A faster way of placing orders by using our saved address book.

An overview of posted product reviews.

You can save your favourite products in the Wishlist and share your Wishlist with friends or family by email.

Bosse Loyalty Card and VIP Card

If you are an animal lover and you have pets at home, you must also be a frequent guest at the Bosse Pet Stores. To make your shopping experience with us even more enjoyable we offer two different loyalty cards: Bosse Loyalty Card and a VIP Card for private customers as well as for kennels/breeders.

Bosse Loyalty Card 

With the Bosse Loyalty Card you will receive a 7% discount on all full-priced products. We also run monthly special offers for our Loyalty Card holders.

Cost of the card

Bosse Loyalty Card costs €3.20 and it can be purchased from any of the Bosse stores.
You will receive the Loyalty Card for free when you buy at least €64 worth of goods.

Always carry your Bosse Loyalty Card with you when you visit our stores. There will be no discount if you do not have the Card with you.

Bosse Loyalty Card does not give you discounts in the Bosse e-shop. E-shop prices are already 10% cheaper from our store prices (excluding litters).

VIP Card

We offer two kinds of VIP cards: 
1)  VIP Card for kennels/breeders
2) VIP Card for private customers

VIP Card for kennels/breeders

We issue the card to a registered kennel owner/breeder. The VIP Card is personalised and we issue only one card to one kennel. Always carry the Card with you when coming to shop!
The Card gives you discounts on dog and cat food at every Bosse Pet Store. The amount of discount depends on the quantity of food purchased during the previous year. The VIP Card holder, like the e-shop customers, will receive a 10% discount on other accessories (excluding cat litters).

Cost of the card

First card is free.
There is a €5 fee for the replacement of a lost card.

For more information and if you wish to join the program email

VIP Card for private customers

The Card is meant for people who have many dogs and/or cats at home and who therefore regularly purchase large quantities of dog and/or cat food. The VIP Card gives a discount on Nutram, ANF and Precept Plus dog and cat foods. The amount of discount depends on how much dog and/or cat food you purchased in the previous quarter.

Levels of discount:
1) A 10% discount for a new member (for the first three months)
2) You will receive a 15% discount if you spend at least €450 on dog and/or cat food in a quarter.
3) You will receive a 20% discount if you spend at least €550 on dog and/or cat food in a quarter.

We will review your purchase amounts once every quarter and increase or decrease the discount percentage accordingly. If the VIP Card holder does not purchase enough dog and/or cat food in a quarter to meet the required amount, the Card becomes invalid.

For more information and if you wish to join the program email