User account and the loyalty card

Advantages of having a user account

You get 5% discount from every order under 60€ and 10% discount from every order over 60€.

You get an overview of the orders you have previously made. When you regularly order the same product (e.g. food for your pet), you only have to click ‘Reorder’ in the Order History.

A faster way of placing orders by using our saved address book.

Bosse Customer Card

If you are an animal lover and you have pets at home, you must also be a frequent guest at the Bosse Pet Stores. To make your shopping experience with us even more enjoyable we offer a loyalty card. With Bosse Customer Card you will receive a 7% discount on all the dry foods and canned foods. The rest of the full-priced products you will receive a discount of 5%. We also run monthly special offers for our Customer Card holders.

Cost of the card

Bosse Customer Card costs €2,50 and it can be purchased from any Bosse Store.
You will receive the Loyalty Card for free when you buy at least €50 worth of goods.

Bosse Customer Card does not give you discounts in the Bosse e-shop. E-shop prices are already 10% cheaper from our store prices.