Kerbl Canifugue 2015 Invisible Fence System MIX

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Kerbl Canifugue 2015 Invisible Fence System MIX

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Product is available in Haabersti Bosse, additional information about availability in other shops please call 673 1131

With the invisible dog fence Canifugue 2015, you can create a virtual safety
barrier for your dog that cannot be walked through, dug under or jumped
over. You can limit the dog?s ranging area using the supplied wire. You can
also fence off other objects in this area, such as a pond or flower bed.

Canifugue 2015
? for wire length up to 800 m
? size of the transmitter: 11.7 x 11 x 2.8 cm, 143 g

? unlimited number of dogs possible by purchasing additional collars
? battery level indicator
? built-in safety system via adjustable warning and stimulus zone
? 8 adjustable correction levels that can also be turned off
? wire length extendible with additional antenna wire 152 m (art. no. 81867)
? can be laid underground (down to 15 cm) or above ground
When your dog approaches the fence boundary, the collar receiver first
emits a tone as a warning. If the dog continues getting closer, it is given
an unpleasant yet harmless pulse from the collar. In this way, your dog will
quickly learn not to cross the boundary. Pulse levels can be adjusted directly
on the collar. You can individually adjust the warning zone (tone) and pulse
zone (stimulus) on the transmitter.

Supplied package:
? waterproof, battery-operated collar receiver with two short contacts, size:
5.9 x 3.9 x 3.1 cm, 57 g, incl. 1 x lithium battery 3 volt CR2
? freely adjustable nylon strap, adjustable from approx. 17 to 55 cm
? splash-proof transmitter
? transmitting station with 220 volt power adapter
? 100 m antenna line
? 10 boundary flags
? 1 magnetic key
? test lamp
? 1 pair long contact pins
? CD-ROM and user manual

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Kerbl Canifugue 2015 Invisible Fence System MIX