Bellfor koeratoit Kana,Kalkun&Part 7,5kg

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Bellfor Gutshof Chicken, Turkey & Duck 7,5 kg

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Grain free .

Product is available in Haabersti Bosse, additional information about availability in other shops please call 673 1131

Fresh chicken, turkey and duck meat with valuable nutrients
70% of fresh meat, excellent food quality, without meats scraps
freshly harvested vegetables, largely from the region
High content of Omega-3 fatty acids
Inulien (FOS) for a healthy and strong defence intestinal flora
Prebiotics increase the efficiency of the immune defence
Fresh chicken meat, freshly harvested sweet potatoes, flour from sweet potatoes, freshly harvested peas, fresh turkey meat, chicken fat, fresh duck meat, freshly harvested tomatoes, freshly harvested carrots, beet patties (de-sugared), whole egg, flaxseed, salmon oil, cranberry, inulin (FOS), yucca shidigera extract, glucosamine, chondroitin, taurine, MOS (prebiotics), methionine, lysine, L-caritine

Nutrient analysis per kilo base values , crude protein 25.5% ,crude fat 16% ,crude fiber 3.5% , crude ash 7.5% ,
calcium 1.6% ,phosphorus 1% ,MOS 100 mg ,humidity max. 9% ,digestible energy 3,620 kcal ,chondroitin 200 mg ,glucosamine 200 mg
Trace elements : copper 10 mg , copper chelate 5 mg , zinc 100 mg ,zinc chelate 50 mg , iron 70 mg , iron chelate 35 mg , manganese 50 mg , manganese chelate 25 mg ,iodine 2 mg , selenium 0.1 mg Vitamins , vitamin A 20,000 IU ,vitamin D3 1,800 IU ,vitamin E 500 IU ,vitamin C 200 mg vitamin B1 10 mg ,vitamin B2 15 mg ,vitamin B5 30 mg ,vitamin B6 10 mg ,vitamin B12 100 micrograms ,folic acid 3 mg ,biotin 400 mg ,choline 1,500 mg ,niacin 60 mg Amino acids,L-carnitine 50mg ,taurine 1,000 mg

Carefully selected meat, harvest fresh vegetables and natural ingredients make our Munsterlander Country Treat that delicious, valuable and wholesome. The recipe of Bellfor's Munsterlander Country Treat was put together with much love, the greatest care and latest scientific findings from experienced dog nutrition experts. This means that our food meets the requirements of all dog owners who emphasize a natural and healthy diet of their dogs. Fibres from different ingredients stimulate digestion and therefore are particularly important for a healthy bowel. Moreover, prebiotics such as fructooligosaccharides (FOS) serve as a food source for good and beneficial intestinal bacteria (bifid bacteria). Together they support digestion and absorption of nutrients.
The balanced mix of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids in conjunction with optimal digestible zinc in a chelated form helps to prevent hair loss, itching and gives the dog a healthy skin with wonderfully shining coat.
Our fresh types of meat are similar to the natural meat and protein sources of wolves. They have an excellent food quality and do not contain any meat scraps.

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Bellfor Gutshof Chicken, Turkey & Duck 7,5 kg